Rains-Flo Sealing Systems

The nation's most popular, most effective, and most trusted packing solution. 

  • Greatly reduces, or even prevents leakage
  • Drastically improves shaft/sleeve life
  • Made with GFM technology, giving it a major advantage over traditional braided packings
  • Both self-lubricating and self-adapting to worn or corroded shafts

Rains-Flo Sealing System Sets have given many users a 300% increase in packing and shaft/sleeve life, while greatly reducing leakage, when compared to conventional braided packing. Rains-Flo Manufacturing, Inc., has been actively supplying the Sealing Systems to industrial customers since 1942.

Rains-Flo pre-cut Sealing Sets are a combination of GFM (Granulated, FlowableMaterial) and carefully chosen braided packings. This packing sets up into a self-lubricating, bearing-like seal. Due to the nature of the solid structure within GFM when the gland is tightened, the gland forces are transmitted to the stuffing box base. These forces then activate the Rains-Flo braided collars at the stuffing box base, which allows for sealing control to begin at that point. Rains-Flo Sealing System Sets can significantly improve sealing performance, give longer packing life, and have the exclusive "Add-A-Ring" maintenance feature where packing is replenished instead of being readily replaced. Rains-Flo Sealing System Sets can also dramatically reduce wear of moving parts, and is comparably priced with braided packing.

The high lubricant content of the Rains-Flo GFM Packings keep the braided collars from drying out, keeping them lubricated and resilient. The GFM Packings are also heat conductive rather than heat insulating like braided packing. A primary advantage of Rains-Flo GFM type packing is, if overtightened, they will just increase lubrication rather than groove the shaft/sleeve.

Rains-Flo pre-cut Packing Sets contain sufficient material to fill the stuffing box, plus extra rings for later maintenance. A color-coded "Ring Placement Diagram" is supplied with each set to insure proper installation.


Rainsflo cast closure ring for viking pump

rainsflo sealing system

Worn Shafts - without Rains-Flo

The Rains-Flo Packing System brings you the ultimate equipment protection and heavy duty sealing performance.

These shafts show wear after years of service. Rains-Flo's system of RED and BLACK rings containing special metal alloys and controlled-release lubricants is the secret. Rains-Flo continuously "flows" to form a positive seal. No drips! Also, Rains-Flo functions as an additional "bearing" to dampen agitator vibration of hydraulic shock. The life of the shaft bearings and drives is thereby greatly extended.

Rains-Flo can even seal these badly worn shafts if necessary. This damage is the result of asbestos or plastic coating rope packing and process stream particle abrasion and/or improper use maintenance procedure. The Rains-Flo Packing System will prevent this costly equipment damage. Unlike mechanical seals, the conversion to Rains-Flo costs nothing - no equipment modifications or sudden and unpredictable operation failures. Rains-Flo costs far less than seals and outlasts other types of packing 5 to 1!





Red & White
Blue & White

  • Formulated for demanding requirements of large slow rotating equipment such as rendering cookers (batch and continuous), protein hydrolyzers, and carcass prebreakers.
  • Most applications will be drip free … a significant environmental and hygienic benefit.
  • Specified and used by most manufacturers and rebuilders of rendering equipment.
  • The preferred sealing product for maintaining alternate pressure and vacuum conditions essential for hydrolysis of feathers and hair.
  • Speeds to 300 ft/min.


Red & Green

  • General purpose for raw and potable water, irrigation and drainage, firewater, boiler and chilled water, and industrial plant process water.
  • Horizontal split case pumps will seldom require repacking except when replacing bearings or wearing rings.
  • Marine propeller and rudder shafts.
  • pH range 3-10.


Red & Green

  • Heavy-duty performance for water-based sludges and slurries.
  • This packing is suitable for most equipment in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Eliminates the need for supplemental oilers for digestor/sludge piston pumps … remetalizing cost for pistons drastically reduced.
  • For coal crushers and bottom ash water slurries in coal fired power plants.
  • Mine slurries and dewatering.
  • Sand and gravel operations.
  • Dredge and river water pumps.
  • Screen conveyors and fillers handling dry solids.
  • Speeds to 3000 ft/min.
  • pH range 2-11



  • High performance and multi-purpose packing designed for general use including both water and petroleum base slurries.
  • Fuels … kerosene, heating oil, etc.
  • Organic chemicals, resins, solvents, and paints.
  • Asphalt and asphalt emulsions.
  • Can replace expensive mechanical seals in many applications.
  • Specified and used by major manufacturers of oil mill equipment.
  • Solvent extraction of oil from soybean flake, cottonseed meal.
  • Withstands the higher shaft speeds (up to 3000 ft/min.) frequently encountered in refineries and the chemical process industries.
  • pH range 2-11.



  • Highest acid and base resistance of all formulations.
  • May be used in all general process applications except organic solvents or fuels.
  • Withstands suspended solids and crystals at low pH … ideal for phosphoric acid used in fertilizer plants.
  • Proven performance for alternate acid-caustic handling encountered in emulsified asphalt processing.
  • Used in lime slurry pumps … sewage treatment plants, agricultural applications, and flue gas scrubber systems.
  • Suitable for most applications in pulp and paper mills.
  • Speeds to 2500 ft/min.
  • pH range 1-13.
Rains-Flo GFM® Packings are available in 4 forms:
  • Sealing System Sets – Cut to length rings in the correct ratio of black and red for a specific application. Sold by the set or in standard shipping boxes. Each set contains the specified number of rings required to fill the stuffing box, plus additional rings for add-a-ring maintenance.
  • Coils - Cut your own rings to fit a variety of shaft sizes throughout your plant. Sold in standard dispenser boxes containing 20 lineal feet for packing sizes 3/16" and larger.
  • Putty-Pac® - An adaptable putty form for valves, pumps and small equipment which uses 1/4" or smaller packing. Packaged in 2 lb. net wt. cans.
  • Verti-Pac® - bulk form for vertical valve stems, pump shafts, and polish rods which use 3/8" and larger packing sizes. Packaged in 2.5, 5, 10, and 25 lb. net wt. cans.