This includes companies such as Garlock, Chesterton, John Crane, and others!


Rains-Flo Sealing Systems will provide two to three times longer packing life when compared to braided packing. Rains-Flo Sealing Systems will not only last for a longer period of time, but will greatly reduce the leakage rate out of the pumps down to just drips, compared to water spray like with braided packing.

  • We are able to provide excellent sealing performance because of the special material we use in our Sealing Systems. This material is called "GFM", which stands for (Granulated, Flowable, Material). GEM is self-lubricating and heat conductive which allows the Sealing System to stay resilient and adjustable to control leakage.
  • These benefits also ensure the lowest wear rate on the shaft/sleeve possible. Braided packings are limited to the amount of lubrication that is wiped on the packing and has no way to replenish the lubricants. Once braided packing becomes hard and dry, leakage increases and adjustments on the packing starts to heavily wear the shaft/sleeve.
  • This means that not only can Rains-Flo last and seal better than braided packing, Rains-Flo can double or even triple the life of the shaft/sleeve. The packing is one of the least expensive parts of your pump, but it is one place where you cannot afford to settle for less than the best.


Rains-Flo is simply the best!