Door & Dome Gaskets

Door & Dome Gaskets


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Rains-Flo's RF-9200 gasket material will remain resilient and out-perform other gasket material.

  • Non-asbestos.
  • Available in all square sizes, as well as rectangle sizes.
  • Tolerant of temperatures up to 550° F.
  • Available in 25 ft or longer lengths, or custom-cut to specified length at no extra charge.

To select your preferred size of RF-9200 door/dome gasket, simply request the size required in your inquiry. (i.e. ½" x ½", 1" x 1", 1 ½" x ¾". etc.)

For further information on Rains-Flo's RF-9200, or other packing products, please contact us.


PTFE Gasket Joint Sealant