Rains-Flo began with the invention of Robert H. Rains, a totally new and unique metallic packing...


...made with materials which would undergo cold flow to form a self-lubricating, bearing-like, non-abrasive seal packing.

The reasons behind the widespread success and continued use of the Rains-Flo GFM® (Granulated, Flowable, Material) Packing Sealing Systems are:


  • The least shaft/sleeve wear obtainable with any packing – a key feature for large diameter shafts in process equipment. The ability to inhibit shaft grooving keeps leakage rates to the lowest possible level. Shutdown time for critical production equipment in order to remetalize shafts or change sleeves is minimized.
  • The self-lubricating and heat conductive features may permit the elimination of lantern rings and supplemental lubrication. Asbestos and plastic fiber type packings are heat insulating and become "dry", unadaptive, and abrasive with age. Rains-Flo GFM® Packing dissipates the heat to prevent localized hot spots which result in shaft/sleeve grooving.
  • The "flow" characteristic is really three features. The first is the response of GFM® Packing to the shape of the stuffing box. Any irregularities such as shaft/sleeve contour or eccentricity of the sleeve to the stuffing box bore are easily compensated for. The second "flow" characteristic is due to the GFMâ Packing wearing rather than the shaft. As the packing wears, the gland is adjusted to maintain proper tightness. Eventually, the gland will bottom-out and a new GFMâ Ring can be installed. This "Add-A-Ring Maintenance" feature can continue until the leakage becomes excessive or the equipment receives other maintenance requiring packing removal. The third "flow" characteristic is the continuous release of stored lubrication throughout the life of Rains-Flow GFMâ Packings.
  • Rains-Flo GFM® Red and Black Rings are a mechanical combination which minimizes extrusion, maximizes gland force transfer to the stuffing box base, and yet adapts to changes in shaft/sleeve condition. The GFM® Red Rings contain larger, tougher particles to resist extrusion forces, while the GFM® Black Rings contain smaller and more adaptable particles in order to more quickly seat to the shaft/sleeve.



Rains-Flo has been in the packings business since 1942, and the nation's choice of packing for decades.


Rains-Flo has been the undisputed best choice for a complete packing solution ever since the coining of GFM over 70 years ago today.


Compression packings potentially provide the easiest and most economical method for sealing. Rains-Flo Sealing Systems are your best choice for premium packing/sealing performance. Fulfilling the sealing requirements of water pumps is as equally refined for cost and reliability as for the toughest multi-stage, abrasive applications.

The evaluation of total sealing costs, when comparing the Rains-Flo Sealing Systems to mechanical seals or conventional packings, reveals that the long-term reliability of Rains-Flo Sealing Systems gives the best economic results. Rains-Flo Collars provide the long-term resiliency. Rains-Flo GFM® Packings provide extended lubrication to the collars, increased shaft/sleeve life and, through "Add-A-Ring Maintenance", provides the longest packing life by reducing the need for complete packing replacements. Rains-Flo Sealing Systems offer the complete sealing solution for all your compression packing needs.



Rains-Flo Sealing Systems have been sealing pumps, process equipment, mixers, augers and valves for many years with great success. Rains-Flo has designed packing systems to dramatically improve the sealing performance of your equipment. Our packing systems are called a Rains-Flo Sealing System. Once Rains-Flo Sealing Systems have been installed in your equipment, Rains-Flo will outperform any other type or brand of packing available in today's market. Rains-Flo will allow the equipment to stay operating for a longer period of time with less maintenance, reducing operating costs. Rains-Flo Sealing Systems also will give sealing performance comparable to a mechanical seal without the high cost and catastrophic failures.

All of these industries and more have trusted Rains-Flo to seal their pumps for decades:

  • Adhesives
  • Asphalt
  • Chemical
  • Gypsum
  • Ink
  • Mining
  • Molasses
  • Petroleum
  • Paint
  • Power
  • Pulp
  • Paper
  • Rending
  • Resin
  • Sewage
  • Slurry
  • Soap
  • Starch
  • Water
  • etc.