The Best Pump Packing System of 2023

Between all the types of pump packing on the market, braided, mechanical and so on, many have wondered about the best pump packing system – which type of packing would win that title in a head-to-head? Industries across the nation have stuck to their guns for decades, whether those guns be mechanical or braided packing, but alternatives have been around for years. RainsFlo is one such alternative — and it’s the best pump packing system that you could ever give your pumps. We’ll show you exactly why in this article, as we walk you through the reasons RainsFlo is simply the best your pump can get.

No Drips. Ever.

Dripping has long been a given in a whole list of industries — if you have a pump, almost any pump at all, it will leak, simple as that. Dripping is just a facet of pump packing, or so people think: while packing types like braided packing and mechanical packing suffer from dripping, RainsFlo’s unique formula and design allows it to stop dripping entirely. Not just a few drops per hour, or day, but none altogether! It’s designed to contour to your pump’s unique shape thanks to its “flowable” GFM design, allowing RainsFlo to beat all other pumps in terms of dripping.

Increase Your Shaft’s Life

Traditional packings can act like sandpaper on your pump’s shaft over time. Once tiny imperfections are carved into the shaft, they become exacerbated and grow at increasingly quick rates. RainsFlo doesn’t contribute to this process nearly as quick as other packing types, due to its flowable design which adapts to imperfections instead of worsening them. In other words, RainsFlo is kinder to your shaft, and this also results in longer packing life as well as RainsFlo takes less damage over time for the same reason.

RainsFlo is also self-lubricating. When put under pressure, it releases additional lubricant to keep your pump running smoothly and to keep the packings themselves from taking on excess damage. This lubricant release process also helps keep temps low within the stuffing box. This overtightening protection also adds a great deal to RainsFlo’s ability to last longer, and give your shafts the ability to do the same.

Enjoy Less Downtime

Needless to say, but the pump that needs less time to replace packings and repair shafts is the pump that’ll last longest. An investment in RainsFlo means an investment into the future of your pump and operation. You’ll enjoy more productivity on account of less frequent downtime, and additional savings from less frequent repair and maintenance fees on both your packings and your pump.