Rains-Flo Sealing Systems
Rains-Flo Cast Closure Rings
(Split & Pinned)

When to use a Rains-Flo Cast Closure Ring, and why…


  • As a temporary repair for a worn or wallowed stuffing box base, Rains-Flo Cast Closure Rings inhabit packing extrusion, keeping equipment on-line until a more convenient time for rebuilding. A Cast Closure ring is also known as a "Back-up Ring" for the base of a stuffing box.

  • To relocate Rains-Flo packing rings along a worn shaft/sleeve to a less worn area. The Rains-Flo Cast Closure Ring will extend the life of a packing set.

    The Rains-Flo Cast Closure Ring is quickly and easily installed, thanks to Rains-Flo's unique split and pinned design.

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